5 Things To Do When You Don't Love Blogging Anymore

You have been blogging for a few months or maybe a year now but you haven't been able to achieve your goals which you set out to achieve. Whenever you try to write a new post, you feel lethargic and disappointment creeps up in your head.

You ask yourself what's the point if no one's going to read it. You haven't been able to attract visitors or make some money.

If you have this kind of thought in your mind, you're not alone. These things come in everyone's blogging career.

Well, here are some list of things that I did in order to regain my love for blogging.

1. Take a Break

Taking a break from the thing you love is sometimes better for you. When you are away from the thing that you love, you really understand it's importance and your need for it. 

How long the break should be will vary from individuals to individuals.

During your break, you yourself will understand whether you love blogging or not. If you miss it, you will come back to it or leave it completely.

2. Start a New Blog

This might seem unusual. But sometimes, we start to hate blogging because we are not satisfied with our current blog. Maybe the niche is no longer is right for you. You start with one niche and then fell in love with another niche.

Well you can always have multiple niche on your blog. No one's saying you can't. But if it gives you more satisfaction, if you create a new blog with your new found love, then you should go for it.

Don't keep in mind the page rank and the backlinks of your old blog while going for a new blog. If you're thinking about all the hard work that you did to get backlinks and pagerank, then stop thinking about it now.

 If you love the niche you blog about, you would gain them more quickly the second time around.

3. Start Guest Posting

If you're unhappy with the little amount of visitors on your blog, then you can always start guest posting. The reality is that, you may write superb content but no one knows about you.

Start getting out more. Expose yourself with other blog authors. Ask other blog authors in your niche whether they are interested in accepting guest post from you.

If you're approach is genuine and if you can write a decent article, then no one's going to reject your post.

4. Asking for Help

Asking for help is always smarter than giving up something. Sometimes people tend not to ask for help because of their huge egos.

Ask other blog authors for tips that you can use to get back your blog on the right track. Almost all bloggers face this similar kind of situation.

Chances are they will even let you in one of of their secrets that no one knows about.

Again, if your approach is genuine, no one will reject your plea.

5. Install CommentLuv

Commentluv is a great way to increase your interaction on your blog. People tend to avoid crappy commenting system like the default blogger one. It is totally useless.

If you're on wordpress , there is the commentluv plugin ( both free and premium ). If you're on Blogger, you could use commentluv with Intensedebate system.

Recently, I modified the Intensedebate System to show the commentluv heart beside the comments just like in Wordpress blogs. You can read the full story here.


If you really love blogging, don't just give up on it because you're not getting the traffic. These things take time. When you have feelings like this, try experimenting in new ways.

Try something new every week. If you start guest posting, you will receive more traffic eventually. Writing a guest post doesn't mean that you will receive thousands of traffic overnight. It takes time. So stick to it.
If none of the above tips work for you, you could always sell your blog on Flippa and make some decent money from it. I know one of my blogger friend sold a two year old blog on Flippa for $800.
Do you have any other tips in mind ? You can add it to my list in the comment section.
Also, don't forget to share your views with us about the points I have mentioned.

Wishing all a Happy New Year , 2013.