6 Reasons as to why students should take up blogging at an early age

Blogging as a part time job has recently become very popular in the internet field. Millions of blogs are being created to earn money, to promote business , to share thoughts and ideas and providing tips on different topics. During my last year of blogging I have seen probably hundreds of well-established bloggers on the internet earning money using advertisements and affiliate marketing. Considering myself an amateur in the blogging sphere , what I would like to highlight is why students should start blogging at an early age.

1. Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Blogging requires lots and lots of knowledge about SEO , blog post optimization , using appropriate meta tags , using proper permalinks , catchy headlines , using ALT tag in your images , social media and so on. I started my blog late last year. The reason for creating my blog was to provide programming tips. Back then I had bunch of C programs which I did for my Data Structure & Algorithms paper. After the semester was over, I thought why not publish it on the web and see how it looks. Back then I had no knowledge of SEO and things like that. Gradually I learned the things I now know. So, if you start at an early age say 15 or 16, you would be pretty familiar with these stuff before going off to college.

2. Familiarity with Programming 

Blogging requires knowledge of some basic codes like HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language ) , CSS (Cascading Style Sheet ), Javascript , PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor , for Wordpress) and XML ( Extensible Markup Language). Let me remind you that no college degree would teach you this codes. The only thing you are going to learn from a college degree is some basic C , C++ and Java. But starting off early in the blogging world and if you take it seriously, you would become a good programmer in most of these programming languages before you're out of college and looking for a job.

3. Entrepreneurship

Suppose you are good at something say web designing or consultancy on a certain topic and you are looking to do some freelance work. You can easily promote your freelance work through a blog across the internet. You can also show your client profiles whom you have already provided sevice to or have worked for. If you provide good service more and more clients will be interested in your work and by the time you leave college you would become an entrepreneur. Having a business mind is very useful in today's world especially if you want to make it big in life.

4. Friendship with Professional Bloggers

Whatever you do in life, you would always need help from friends. Same goes for blogging. I suggest before creating a blog, talk to some professional bloggers or send them an e-mail. Ask for suggestion on what kind of blog you should create and what would be good for you. To create a successful blog, the best way is to choose a niche which is less competitive. For example, you should know that the technology niche is extremely competitive because there are thousands of great technology blogs out there. This where the professional bloggers come in. They could suggest you ideas you never would have thought in your wildest dreams. 

As you move forward in blogging world writing quality content, you will find new friends who would be willing to help you out. Learn from them and their blogs. You would also learn what kind of blog designs match your niche. Your friends will also provide you tips on which products you should use and which you should not for your blog. Learning from each other is the easiest way of gaining knowledge.

5. Understanding of Social Media

After about six months or  a year of blogging, you would learn the things you wouldn't have if you didn't take up blogging. You will see the difference yourself and be amazed about how much you have learned over the months of blogging. Things like how google search algorithms work or how people use social media to promote their business and earn money or how you yourself can earn hundreds of dollars using advertisements and affiliate marketing are pretty cool when you think about it. 

If you are addicted to social media, you should turn it into an opportunity to earn some money and not playing Angry Birds whole day on facebook. After a year, your friends would be bored of social media but you will be able to make it much more productive and fun. 

6. Having fun  

The most important reason to why students should take up blogging is because it's fun. Let's face it a student life is pretty stressful (being a student myself) having to deal with exams and projects. Blogging not only provides recreation but it's also a stress reliever. It's a learning experience which will provide you with basic qualities like patience, determination , habit of doing research (blogging requires a lot ) , dealing with failures and success and so on. Overall, it's a life experience that you will be proud of having.

So, go and start a blog today. Stay tuned for more blogging articles to come. If you like my article please share it. You can also shoot the comment section to provide your views.